Hail the goddess! An intricate carving piece showcasing the power of Shakti, CZ diamond balls completing the composition.
Material Used:Idol (Alloy) with quartz kundan and CZ diamond ball

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Rich and intricate impressions of architectural designs are a striking feature in Temple Jewelleries. It seeks inspiration from different deities and involves a lot of handiwork (nakkashi). They are intricately crafted to give a lovely look to the jewellery and make it attractive. Some rare gemstones, Precious and semi precious stones are used in both cut and uncut forms to endow a classic look to the jewellery. Wear your Temple jewelleries in traditional functions like marriages, temple pilgrimages, baby showers and other festivals. Also, if you want to give a slight shade of Tradition to your western look, Temple Jewelleries can give you that stroke of Ethnicity you require to complete your overall attire.

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