A showstopper! Magnificent crystal piece decorated with pearls & kundan. An evergreen design which goes well with sarees, evening gowns and tunics.
Material Used:Crystal with Pearls & Kundan

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Make a statement to your style with one of our statement jewelleries. Uncontemporary designs to give a fresh definition to your style. Statement jewellery basically conveys a statement about the one who wears it. It is one’s own choice to define your very own individual style, be it loud, or be it casual and yet stylish. The beauty of statement jewellery is that it only takes one piece to make your whole outfit stand out. From exquisite crystal ear-rings to Long Opera Style necklaces and bib necklaces, statement pieces come in all forms, designs, colours and sizes. They can work wonders to add audacity to a simple dress. Try your statement jewellery with a Gown like party dress or a Traditional Indian Saree for a Dinner party or an eminent broad one with a formal wear to shine your day out. A statement necklace looks pretty with a simple tank top and jeans or an Ethnic long bubble skirt. The awesome thing about statement necklaces is they can be worn with a simple looks, with the statement piece acting as the centre-piece of your outfit. Add an instant stylish punch with one of the Statement Jewelleries.

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